A little bit of “Herstory”…

imageLa version française est disponible en cliquant sur le lien suivant. Jozée Devoua Selon Elle

Jozée Devoua started to read music at the age of 8 while learning to play the organ. She went on to experiment with many different instruments but while she still strums her guitar and plays some piano to support her vocals, nothing has kept her attention like singing.

Noticed by a city of Ottawa executive at a singing workshop in 2004, she made her professional debut at an Ottawa cultural event and hasn’t looked back since.

In 2007, Jozée recorded and produced her debut cd “Low Key”. To date, it has sold copies in Australia, Barbados, Russia, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, New Zeeland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Greece, the United States and Canada and the list continues to grow.

In addition to performing multiple times at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, Jozée Devoua has been singing on the National Capital Region’s major stages (NAC, Maison de la Culture , Salle Jean-Desprez, National Archives, Congress Center, Casino and Hilton du Lac Lemay, Museum of Civilization,  Aviation Museum, Château Laurier, etc.),  and major festivals such as the Festivoix in Trois-Rivières. Corporate, private and public events also allow Jozée to share her passion with audiences of all sizes.

Fluent in French and English, she also sings in Spanish and Portuguese to answer to the versatility of her repertoire that includes both the established standards of yesteryear as well as today’s modern classics. Jozée and her musicians are known to jazz up classic songs of all styles by making unique arrangements and giving them a sound of their own.

Jozée has had the privilege of accumulating both classical and jazz vocal technique while studying with great coaches such as Yoriko Tanno-Kimmons, Tena Palmer (Chelsea Bridge), Renée Lavoie (Starmania), and José Hernandez (Toronto classical Opera Director). In addition to private lessons, Jozée also attended many workshops and master classes with such talented singers as Julie Michels, Jeri Brown, Theo Blackman, Peter Eldridge, Kate Hammett-Vaughan and Renee-Grant Williams. She now is a voal coach herself

A graceful and sophisticated performer, Jozée’s vocal styling and dynamic range coupled with her wit and warm nature has made her a vibrant presence on the Ottawa music scene. She attributes her success so far to staying true to herself, having the privilege of collaborating with the best musicians in town and a warm response from critics and fans.

Jozée Devoua in her own words

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